Royal Gardens of France

The garden, which surrounds the palace Château de Breteuil, is a cozy place just in a few kilometers from Paris. It is the legendary property of French monarchs and ... Puss in Boots! The park, which surrounds the estate of Breteuil family, has a length of 75 hectares, and is proud of its wealth: boxwood mazes, greenhouses of English and French styles and ponds with crystal clear water. In the XVII century Charles Perrault often visited the garden of Louis XIV, which drew inspiration for his fairy tales.

Enchanting aura lies in the self-titled floral-fruity perfume. It reveals with notes of grapefruit and oranges, citrus streams flow into the live lake of freesias, roses and apple. And final chords of patchouli, musk and leather give the spirit of vintage, which is inherent to one of the most beautiful gardens in Ile-de-France.