Treasures de France «Chantilly»

Castle Château de Chantilly is not as famous as Versailles or Loire royal chambers, but it is the largest aristocratic residence in France. As this masterpiece of art in the style of Gothic and Baroque, exclusive perfume is considered authentic exclusive.Built in the XVI century according to the order of the Baron of Montmorency, the castle is located in the heart of the park, surrounded by wateron all sides. The rich decoration, the collection of paintings of Raphael, Poussin, hundreds of manuscripts and early printed books – all this magnificence will appear before you after you open a filigree manufactured bottle filled with exquisite perfume.

Inhaling the deep scent of musk, you can transferto the legendary racetrack Château de Chantilly. Light breeze blowing from the forest Chantilly gives the strong fragrance of cedar. The journey is intended to complete with sparkling symphony of lemon, mandarin and bergamot.