12 French perfumers decided to open up curtain on their proper names. On the creation of perfume compositions worked the world famous perfumers: Alain Alione and Delphine Thierry. The other perfumers as long as have wished to remain incognito

Alain Allione

Alain Allione is a famous perfumer from Grasse, birthplace of the perfumery. Since he is 16 year-old, he spent every summer in the Charabot's school of perfumery in Grasse. He started his professional life at Robertet where he held various positions: weigh, quality control, chromatography & learned all facets of the perfumer's job. He then started as a perfumer at Payan Bertrand, Florescence and Expressions Parfumées. Alain loves nature where he founds inspiration & quietness.