"12 French perfumers" Company invites all fans of exclusive and
selective fragrances to evaluate new collection of day perfumes "Royal Gardens of France."

The release of conceptually new series is devoted to the masterpieces of garden art and landscape design of France in different epochs. Now they are available for the visit, but a few centuries ago they were favorite places for walking of Kings and close to monarchical dynasties persons...
A few drops of fragrant elixir are able to move you to the most famous garden – the Gardens of Versailles of Louis XIV, with their perfectly straight alleys, fountains and parterres of regular shape, trimmed shrubs as geometric shapes.
With your permission the fragrant trail of perfume will set a personal acquaintance with the masterpieces of world horticulture Le jardin des Tuileries: roses, lilies, irises, trimmed green fences of beech and chestnut, or even with ten meters lindensof rectangular shape! Yes, evergreen topiary and lace parterres of boxwood Les jardins de Marqueyssacare worth seeing at least once in life, but the best addition to these emotions will be the delight of the trail of the same name perfume with the unique content. Time inevitably erases from memory impressions of French gardens’ visits, but a new series of daytime perfume is intended to be an excellent reminder of the famous component of French palace and park ensemble. Filigree selected notes allow you to create your personal French garden around yourselves, where gratitude to Nature, inspiration and romance, harmony and love live!