The company "12 French Perfumers" is pleased to announce the start of a new collection of unique fragrances! Creation of exclusive series of perfumes dedicated to the historical treasure of France – namely, French royal castles and palaces. Luxurious combination of perfume notes are waiting for you. These fragrances will help you to get into the mysterious atmosphere of the reign of Louis XIV. It is amazing, but after applying just a drop of this charming quintessence, you will go back to the era of royal castles of France in XVII century.
As you know, the palace and castle heritage of France consists of medieval castles, royal residences and numerous palaces. Today they became museums and hotels, but the history of France was created there a few centuries ago! That only is the Château d'Amboise, it is the first French architectural monument, which was built in the Loire Valley in the style of Renaissance. During Renaissance the Castle of Chambord was also built, it is one of the largest royal residences, in the creation of which Leonardo da Vinci took part!
And how many secrets have the history of the castle Chenonceau, which is located in the region of the most delicious wines and cheese! Can this exciting voyage in the time of palace intrigues, seductive courtesans and monarchist victories of Sun King make someone indifferent? Of course, it can’t!
12 exquisite perfumes take the soul, awaken the imagination, creating the impression of a living presence in the fundamental works of architectural art.
We invite you to touch the history of French monarchy and only rely on your agreement!