Royal Gardens of France

Le jardin des Tuileries is a beautiful garden, placed in the heart of Paris, between the Louvre andthe Concorde Place. The first park in this area appeared in 1564 according to the order of Catherine de 'Medici. The Garden markedly changed and became available to the public during the reign of Louis XIV. Today it is a beautiful cultural center where the Museum of contemporary art, National Center of Photography, Carousel Garden, an open-air exhibition of sculptures, a Ferris wheel are situated. Guests are greeted here with symmetrical direct alleys, fences of yew trees and numerous flower beds with year-roundplants.

Women's perfume reveals the secrets, charm and amazing atmosphere of Parisians’ favorite place for walking. Here it sounds symphony of tuberose and mandarin, feels the sparkling play of jasmine, violet and orange, and the soul is warmed by the final chord of peach, vanilla and musk.