Freedom, Creativity, Luxury.

A total of 12 fragrances are packed in beautiful collector cases. Each perfume is released in amount of 10,000 items globally, which makes the owner of such eau de parfum an exceptive person!

While releasing the products intended for the true gourmands the masters of the perfumery art keep their names in confidentiality and reverently safeguard the secrets of generating creative fragrances. Such mysterious secrecy is so much liked by Company’s clients!

By owning at least one of the 12 perfumes you can automatically become a part of this fantastic story of creating an exclusive perfume and enter a supreme society of connoisseurs of verily valuable fragrances!

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The company «12 French Perfumers» is pleased to announce the start of a new collection of unique fragrances! Creation of exclusive series of perfumes dedicated to the historical treasure of France – namely, French royal castles and palaces.


The 12 French Perfumers Company background started from association of twelve most talented craftsmen, who have embodied and have been continuing to put their unconventional and creative exclusive perfume ideas in practice.


Many innovative solutions were applied in the production of perfumes 12 French perfumers .The fragrance composition is created with use of expensive natural oils ensuring a long-lasting aroma effect.