Our Company

Creation of the company

The 12 French Perfumers Company background started from association of twelve most talented craftsmen, who have embodied and have been continuing to put their unconventional and creative exclusive perfume ideas in practice. Everything in this Company was symbolic starting from the date of establishment, which took place on the 12th day of the 12th month of the 12th year ending with a brand name of the Company, the 12 French Perfumers.

Do you like original fragrances?

Do you want other people be interested in the perfume you are wearing? We offer you to learn more about the products generated by these twelve creative maîtres of the perfumery art!

Some Historical Facts

12 experienced fragrance creators work in the company. In their days the issued products for the leading Fashion Design Houses, but at one point they decided to create their own line of fragrances.

Why did this happen?

As it is well known the modern fashion houses dictate a specific work policy to their craftsmen. These twelve perfumers were not an exclusion. They were also compelled to work within such restricting frameworks and inside such limits, which sometimes negatively affected the creativeness of an aromatic quintessence.
As a result it was decided to separate from the Fashion Houses and establish an Independent Union of Perfumers in Grasse (South of France) to unite 12 professionals desiring to create and present new, independent and creative fragrances to the people independently from the policies of Fashion Houses and brands. Every month the members of the Union meet in Grasse to discuss novelties in the world of fragrances. Every perfumer presents his own perfume for consideration of his colleagues. Then the best perfume is selected to be later produced in a limited release. Unusual combinations of essences are developed during live discussion and disputes. Brand-new technologies of generating long- lasting and extremely popular fragrances are presented and the truly unique perfumes are born.