Many innovative solutions were applied in the production of perfumes «12 French perfumers» .

The fragrance composition is created with use of expensive natural oils ensuring a long-lasting aroma effect.

Perfumes are packed in hand-made wooden boxes with in-built detachable trays on which the perfume rests in a glossy silk surrounding.

You can also use the wooden boxes as cases for your jewels and accessories.

The glass phials and the caps are manufactured of the highest quality glass and are hand polished.

We offer for your attention a really innovative Orchestra dispenser outfitted with a short pump. It consists of an invisible spray tube, a seal made of plastic and glass and a special pump.

12 stones are attached in a circle on the top of the cap. Each stone bears a name in honor of each perfumer, one stone per one perfumer.

A tube inside the phial is purely invisible. It is manufactured with use of cutting- edge technologies so as it is dissolved with the fragrance inside the container. A specially designed pump of the spray does not disperse the content in drops, but creates a volumetric and a truly magic cloud.

On single easy push on dispenser is enough to generate a luxurious scented halo around you. Wait until this pleasant mist dissipates and be sure that the perfume will follow you during the rest of the day.

Touch the innovations of the 12 French perfumers!