Oriental Rose

Extrait de Parfum, 50 ml

     Oriental Rose is an exclusive floral perfume from the Parfume House «12 parfumeurs francais». It belongs to the limited oriental collection «PARFUM ORIENTAL». Perfume is presented in an elegant black bottle, the lid of which is decorated with 12 shining diamonds.

     The perfume is fully corresponded to the concept of the collection — it sparkles, shines, plays with edges and with an incredibly rich floral trace, and at the same time it transmits a deep meaning. The base is moderately thick and rich, it consists of notes of amber, vetiver, sandalwood, cedarwood and oak moss. The heart opens with a floral bouquet of rose, narcissus, jasmine, lilies. The top includes a fresh trio of bergamot, galbanum and neroli.

     Oriental Rose will definitely win the hearts of selective perfumes’ lovers. While using it you will discover all the edges of Oriental fragrances with a soft French charm. It is persistent, memorable, rare, «sounds» luxuriously — and therefore it will become a sophisticated accessory for the day or evening promenades.


Oriental Selection

Extrait de Parfum, 50 ml

     Oriental Selection is a woody-spicy perfume from the Perfume House «12 parfumeurs francais». It belongs the limited collection «PARFUM ORIENTAL», inspired by the culture and philosophy of the East. It is a special, elegant selective perfume. It attracts attention not only due to its content, but also due to its beautiful design. The presentable bottle is decorated with a lid with 12 diamonds, the edges of which give shining play of light.

     The perfume Oriental Selection is like a «second skin», envelops with its warmth and literally «comes to life» on the body. Due to the rich and thick composition, it seems that you can feel the perfume cloud and run over it with your hand. It opens with the velvet of sandalwood and vetiver, goes into the heart to clove buds, nutmeg, black pepper, cedarwood. Further it echoes with dynamic notes of lemon, bergamot, elemi, rosemary.

     Persistent, with an oriental aura and French chic, Oriental Selection envelops with languid sweetness, attracts and fascinates.