Royal Gardens of France


Extrait de Parfum, 100 ml

     Les jardins de Marqueyssacis a French masterpiece of landscape art in Aquitaine. The history of this «emerald miracle» began in 1860thyears with the planting of thousands of boxwood, which it is more than 150 000 today. These evergreen shrubs are trimmed in a special way and make one of the most beautiful romantic gardens of XIX century, to visit which is much easier than it might seem. Just put on the wrist a few drops of magical quintessence, named in a honor of the garden Marqueyssac

     Many-sided floral-fruity fragrance is revealed in a special way. First it envelops with the sweetness of apples and strawberries, then it mesmerizes with fragrance of rose, freesia, jasmine and in the final notes of amber, sandalwood, white musk and raspberry makefresh trail. Women’s perfume allows you to plunge into the valley of cascading waterfalls and green theatres, from which you can see the valley of river and ancient castles of France.

eau de parfum, 100 ml

Jardin Du Roi



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