Extrait de Parfum, 50 ml

     The impressive palace and park ensemble of Jardin du Luxembourg is located on 26 acres in the center of Paris and is a unique masterpiece of architecture of XVII century. One part of it is made in the French style with geometrically situated flower beds, alleys and fountains. The second part is made in English style with exquisite parklands and antique statues. The garden was created according to the orders of Marie de Medici as the example of Palazzo Pitti in Florence, where the widow of Henry IV grew. And even in the Luxembourg Palace, which is located here, you can feel light, Italian flair, which calmsdown as well as excites the senses.

     Men’s fragrance creates a pleasant persistent cloud around its owner. Inhaling inspires notes of bergamot, blackcurrant and roses you can make a fascinating journey to Luxembourg Museum. Light refreshing breeze with a taste of apple, patchouli, amber and cedar inspires on romantic dating or a warm, friendly conversations.





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