Treasures of France


Extrait de Parfum, 100 ml

     Chateau de Montrésor is one of the most beautiful castles in the Loire Valley, built in the early Middle Ages by the Duke of Anjou. «Mon trésor» in French means «my treasure», and, as according to the legend, treasures are stored in the walls of this castle. These treasures include collections of paintings by Italian artists of the Renaissance, an amazing selection of French and English weapons of the 19th century, and the sophisticated atmosphere of Napoleon Bonaparte.

     The floral and plant composition of the perfume with the same name conveys an incredible view from the Chateau de Montrésor: winding paths, exotic flowers, trees and shrubs, ancient garden sculptures. A dense, rich aroma reveals with the freshness of a bitter orange flower.

The heart of the composition is mesmerizing with the fragrance of jasmine and capricious tuberose, and the final chords organically combine the freshness and sweetness of vanilla, musk and sandalwood. Here is a truly elegant, rich, olfactory masterpiece that creates an unforgettable impression – as pleasant as visiting a prominent castle of the Loire Valley!




Vaux Le Vicomte



Azay Le Rideau