Treasures of France

Vaux Le Vicomte​

Extrait de Parfum, 100 ml

     Being a classical residence,»progenitor» of Versailles and the favorite place for rest and fateful reflections of Louis XIV, Manor Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte demonstrates the features of that epoch. So does the perfume of the same name, created specifically for fans of fragrances with special meaning. The picture «The Man in the Iron Mask»was filmed here and fabulous legends tell about these local singing fountains.

     This men’s perfume has deep content, which you can understand, just want it! Noble union of fragrance sounds thin and delicate, thanks to notes of patchouli, amber, musk and sandalwoodin the beginning, features of heliotrope and lily of the valley in the heart, and the echoes of lavender, bergamot, geranium in the final.


Vaux Le Vicomte






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