Treasures of France


Extrait de Parfum, 100 ml

     The aroma is shrouded by mystery of the Middle Ages, because it is named after the castle of French kings and the part of the Palace of Justice. Using notes of perfume, you can learn the history of this majestic building, where Marie Antoinette was imprisoned, Emile Zola’s process was hearing and Mata Hari was sentenced to death. At the same time you can feel the power of tower Caesar, the wealth of the royal treasury, the mystery of dungeon, mesmerizing power of the Gothic hall.

     Strong composition opens with notes of thyme, leather and violet. Then these light inclusions smoothly flow into the heart, where they are combined with raspberries, strong mate and cedar. This bouquet is completed with petals of vanilla, musk and amber.




Vaux Le Vicomte



azay le rideau