Royal Gardens of France


Eau de Parfum, 100 ml

     Just a few centuries ago Bagatelle was a just an ordinary park, located on the territory of the Bois de Boulogne. It received its name in the honor of the palace, which was built just in two months! This park has been a favorite place for holidays and celebrations for many years, but today it is a live demonstration of French garden art’s achievements for the last 300 years.

     This place is covered with romance and quiet, giving peace of mind thanks to the shaped flowerbeds, flowery alleys with majestic trees and exotic flowers. The power of monarchy seemed invincible for centuries became a historical fact, but «idleness» (which translates as «bagatelle») still lives and inspires Parisians and tourists of the city, situated on the banks of the Seine!

     The perfume reveals all grades of charm of this historic place for walks. Libyan galbanum, bergamot and rhubarb embody sound of branched pavilions and thematic sections of the garden. Jasmine and basil reveal the secrets of decorative and deciduous trees’ garden collections. Game of patchouli and vetiver evokes notes of excitement and intrigue, being a reminder that Bagatelle palace was built on a bet three centuries ago.


Jardin Du Roi





La Ballue

Chaumont Sur Loire




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