Royal Gardens of France

Jardin Du Roi

Extrait de Parfum, 100 ml

     The French King’s garden in Paris is the famous royal plantation of medicinal plants, which today is an iconic botanical garden in France. A real “blooming museum” is the Louis XIII garden with its fragrant tropical greenhouses, an impressive winter garden, and alive labyrinth of rare plants and shrubs. Nature itself and many years of history were the authors of this masterpiece of landscape art!

     Guests of the French capital enjoy visiting the shady garden to see with their own eyes the unique collections of plants, flowers and trees. Well, to visit the legendary King’s Garden is easier than you might think! It is enough to apply a few drops of the perfume of the same name with a lasting and saturated trail. The composition reveals a expressive woody base: notes of cedar and vetiver. In the heart there is the freshness of cardamom, green tea and ripe nashi pear. The final chords are formed by noble sage, refreshing bergamot, lemon with its playful sourness and sparkling tangerine. It is really a royal pleasure!

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