Royal Gardens of France


Extrait de Parfum, 100 ml

     Garden of the palace Chateau de Malmaison is a masterpiece of French landscape art, which surrounds legendary residence of Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine de Beauharnais. Garden’s mystical past connected with the tradition of Normans to take here their prey, but emerald park was opened here in 1877. Seedlings of plants from around the world were brought to Malmaison. There was established a unique rose garden with more than 250 kinds of roses. Black swans, emus, ostriches and even kangaroos were walking here in the shady alleys.

     Having opened a bottle of perfume of the same name, you can immediately feel the aroma of emperor’s beloved woman’s favorite roses, inhale the sweetness of blackcurrant and cover your soul with a velvet trace of musk and vetiver. Fascinating perfume combines woody notes, grades of ripe fruit and sonorous drops of flower essences. The perfume has strong, monarchical power, and allows you to make a unique trip to the garden, where the assembled great consuls of France met and secluded picnics of Napoleon and his successors took place.


Jardin Du Roi




La Ballue

Chaumont Sur Loire

Saint Cloud