Royal Gardens of France


Eau de Parfum, 100 ml

     Park Monceau, surrounded by Boulevard Malesherbes and Courcelles, is a legendary property of Duke of Orleans. Branched narrow alleys and unusual architectural buildings in their times inspired artists to create romantic landscapes and masters of the word to create the poems and opuses. Irregular English-style park is proud with a winter garden, greenhouses and statues, located on the perimeter of park. Small copies of Egyptian pyramids, Chinese fortress and Corinthian columns are worth I don’t know what! Monceau is unique with its vegetation: there is 130-year-old maple, sycamore of over 140 years and rare group of exotic bushes.

     Resistant floral-musky mix gives confidence and inspires on brave actions. The top notes of mandarin and bergamot give a feeling of lightness and freshness, which is supported throughout the day with a duo of jasmine and peach. Aroma story covers with warm fragrant of musk and sandalwood in the final. This is complicated, elite perfume, which calls for actions and decisiveness. It is such a secret weapon on your way to the victory!


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