Royal Gardens of France

Palais Royal

Eau de Parfum, 100 ml

     Royal garden, located near Royal Palace, remembers Cardinal Richelieu, and today it takes tourists and residents of Paris. Four-storey buildings of the XVII century are situated along the quiet garden, rising above the arcades, fountains, linden alleys and flowerbeds. But in the recent past gambling houses, places of entertainment and the first «mechanical» cafe were located in this oasis of peace and quiet!

     Romantic mood is enhanced by looking at an impressive rose garden, and when you meet with perfume, this feeling will not disappear on the background of black currant and bergamot’s fragrance. In the heart of Palais Royal, located a stone’s throw from the Louvre, you can feel the sweetness of plum, cedar and fig. Feel the final chords of vetiver and musk, mentally relax in the Garden of Eden after the visit of the museum, abstract from the noise and din of Parisian boutiques, and go for a walk along the Rue de Rivoli to meet the new emotions and impressions!






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